Scantec’s hydraulic actuators can be delivered as Scotch-yoke and Rack & Pinion can operate ball- and butterfly valves.
The design simplifies maintenance and installation, which gives the customer a cost-effective product.

Hydraulic Actuator, double acting

RA2 Mechanical locking
RB2 Adjustable stroke
RAP Hydraulic locking
  • Scotch-yoke design, piston type
  • Rack-pinion design, piston type
  • Local visual position indicator
  • Manual operation by stationary hand pump or by portable hand pump via quick connectors
  • Connection flange according to ISO 5211
  • Max hydraulic working pressure 220 bar
  • Actuator torque range 69 – 64550 Nm
  • Service temperature -45°C to +120°C

Hydraulic Actuator, single acting

TYPE 1/4 turn hydraulic actuator
RE2 Spring-to-close-action
RF2 Spring-to-open-action
  • Scotch-yoke design, piston type
  • Adjustable stroke
  • Local visual position indicator
  • Stationary hand pump or quick connectors for portable hand pump
  • Connection flange according to ISO 5211
  • Available torque up to 17800 Nm (Larger actuators on request)
  • Service temperature -20°C to +80 (+110°C upon request)

Mechanical locking

The mechanism is integrated with the actuator and independent of hydraulic oil. If there is a loss of hydraulic pressure or even a fire,
the valve will be kept safe in the last position (open/close). You can watch the video for Mechanical locking.